Customizing WordPress Sites With Dreamweaver CC

Customizing WordPress Sites With Dreamweaver CC

Duration 7 hr 48 mins

Languages en_US

Course Description

This course will show you how to use WordPress as a platform for your website, but then take it a step further and learn how you can use Dreamweaver to develop custom themes for your site. Join Geoff Blake as he walks you through all the necessary steps to not only configure WordPress locally, but setup Dreamweaver to help you manage your WordPress site. Next he’ll show you some best practices for wireframing and then designing your custom themes. Once you’re happy with your design, Geoff will walk you through the process of installing your custom theme making live on your WordPress site

. Realise your designs into an actual site with Dreamweaver CC.

- Learn and understand WordPress and Dreamweaver
- Know about the different tools and techniques using Dreamweaver
- Learn how to apply Dreamweaver into WordPress site designs
- Discover ways to customize your WordPress site

Course Objectives

1. Understand the purpose of Dreamweaver inorder to create customized WordPress sites
2. Know the tools and interface of Dreamweaver to create projects
3. Be able to apply tools and techniques from Dreamweaver into real projects


Hello And Welcome (01:10)
A Look At What We'll Build (01:14)
The Workflow Process (02:43)
Installing WordPress Locally On Windows, Part One (06:37)
Installing WordPress Locally On Windows, Part Two (07:21)
Installing WordPress Locally On The Mac, Part One (05:55)
Installing WordPress Locally On The Mac, Part Two (04:55)
Touring Through The WordPress Dashboard (08:14)
Getting Dreamweaver Set Up (08:22)
Connecting Dreamweaver To WordPress (05:02)
Previewing Your WordPress Site In Dreamweaver (02:56)
New Dreamweaver CC Live View Features (09:05)
Navigating Through WordPress Within Dreamweaver (06:52)
WordPress Websites Versus Traditional Web Design (09:04)
Discovering Dynamically Related Files (03:19)
Filtering Files Displayed By Dreamweaver (05:57)
Understanding How WordPress Themes Are Constructed (06:53)
Understanding WordPress File Hierarchy (09:51)
Using Dreamweaver's Live Code Feature (06:31)
Using Dreamweaver's CSS Inspect Mode (07:26)
Editing CSS With The Code Navigator (04:09)
Publishing Your First Post (06:11)
Formatting Text In Your Posts (07:02)
Creating Bulleted & Numbered Lists (05:55)
Creating Additional Posts (04:25)
Post Publishing Options & Deleting Posts (06:46)
Changing Post Sort Order (03:56)
Inserting A “More” Link Into Posts (06:20)
Inserting Graphics Into Posts (06:20)
A Look At WordPress's Media Library (03:45)
Setting Hyperlinks (07:22)
Controlling The Number Of Posts To Display (04:19)
Introducing WordPress Pages (06:30)
Considerations When Customizing A Theme (06:18)
Installing & Activating A Naked WordPress Theme (04:15)
Viewing The New Theme In Dreamweaver (04:52)
Reviewing The Theme Template (05:19)
Getting The New Theme Set Up (07:33)
Roughing In The Header (06:00)
Inserting The Hero & Introducing Sections (09:01)
Enclosing The Site Loop (06:50)
Roughing In The Get It Now & Footer Sections (04:46)
Setting Up The Master (06:36)
Wireframing In The Site Logo (07:18)
Using Code Hinting To Build A Nav Menu (09:02)
Formatting The Nav Menu (06:56)
Finishing Up The Header (05:30)
Wireframing The Hero Section (12:55)
Constructing The Introducing Area (10:03)
Wireframing The Loop (09:30)
Building The Get Section (04:41)
Finishing Up With The Footer (05:09)
Inserting The Logo Image (05:47)
Formatting The Header (07:27)
Using Adobe Edge Fonts (06:43)
Formatting The Hero Section, Part One (07:30)
Formatting The Hero Section, Part Two (08:56)
Building Up The Introducing Area (09:16)
Setting Up The Blog Loop (04:10)
Applying Formatting To The The Get Section (05:53)
Finishing Up With The Footer (03:10)
Installing WordPress On A Live Web Server (06:43)
Uploading & Activating The Custom Theme (04:05)
Uploading WordPress Content (06:44)
Where To Go From Here (03:09)