Become a Professional Web Developer Bundle: JavaScript,Angular and Jquery

Become a Professional Web Developer Bundle: JavaScript,Angular and Jquery

Duration 11 hr 15 mins

Languages en_US

Course Description

Learn to use the most popular programming languages, JavaScript, grasp the basic concepts of AngularJS and its main features and learn to make website creation, responsive and accessible apps easily with jQuery with this extensive course. Put your lessons in practical uses with functional examples. Most courses on web development walk you through the skills beginners need, but then require you to learn the skills that make you an employable web developer. This course is different. After you have learned the basics and built real projects for your portfolio, you can move on to hours and hours of continued training at the intermediate and advanced levels for each web development skill you've learned.

Challenge yourself and become a Professional Web Developer.

- Pick up a new programming language and be fluent in coding
- Learn how each language uses its code to program applications
- Know how to apply each language into your own projects
- Find out how each language compliments each other when developing a website

Course Objectives

1. Know how to use Html tags and build with the most common ones.
2. Create CSS stylesheets that control your site design and set them up on your project site.
3. To learn the basic techniques of CSS and CSS3
4. Start programming with JavaScript
5. Create real life projects with JavaScript
6. Create Web Applications
7. Create Hybrid Apps for Android & iOS that use SDKs that implement Angular.js
8. Design a jQuery web application
9. Create interactive web applications across different platforms
10. To understand why, where and when PHP programming is used


Introduction to JavaScript 
Script Tags 
Undefined, typeof, NaN 
Logical Operators 
Mathematical Operators 
Download Fundamentals of Javascript code
Download Source Code
Comparison Operators 
Array Prototype 
Looping Over Arrays 
Introduction to Objects 
Creating an Object 
Dates and Times 
Countdown: Example Application 
Callback in Countdown 
DOM Elements 
Query Selector 
Event Handlers 
Input Fields 
Creating Elements 
Styling Elements 
Course Overview
Final Project Demo
Download Source_Code_AngularJS
Intro To Section 2
Overview of Angular
Environment Setup
MVC Architecture
Intro to Section 3
Modules And Dependency Injection
Two Way Data Binding
Routing - Setup
Routing - Implementation
Intro to Section 4
Grocery List Bootstrap Layout
Listing Grocery List Using ng-repeat
Beautifying Our List With Filters
Intro to Section 5
Setting Up Grocery List Routing
Routing Parameters
Implementing Grocery List Routing

Adding, Updating & Deleting Grocery Items Intro to Section 6
Abstracting Grocery Items Using Services
Adding Grocery Items
Debugging App Using Chrome Console
Generating Unique Grocery Entry ID’s
Updating Grocery Items - Part 1
Updating Grocery Items - Part 2
Form Validation
Deleting Grocery Items
Marking Grocery Items As Completed With ng-class
Adding Custom Directives - Making Our HTML More Readable
Intro to Section 7
Loading Entries
Creating Entries
Updating Entries
Deleting Grocery Items
Course Recap
Additional Resources
Closing Message
Course introduction
Download Jquery Code
Section Introduction
jQuery Core Concepts
Getting Started
Adding the jQuery Library to your web page Part1
Adding the jQuery Library to your web page Part2
jQuery Syntax Introduction
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Event Methods
Section Conclusion
Section Introduction
Creating a jQuery template Part 1
Creating a jQuery template Part 2
Creating a jQuery template Part 3
Get Content and Attributes
jQuery Callback Functions
Section Conclusion
Section Introduction
JQuery Effects Part1
JQuery Effects Part2
JQuery Effects Part3
JQuery Effects Part4
jQuery CSS Functions Part1
jQuery CSS Functions Part2
jQuery AJAX Functions Part1
jQuery AJAX Functions Part2
jQuery AJAX Functions Part3
Section Conclusion
Course Conclusion