Learn Python Django From Scratch

Learn Python Django From Scratch

Duration 7 hr 4 mins

Languages en_US

Course Description

Django is the framework used by some of the biggest websites in the world including Instagram, Pinterest, The Washington Times, Mozilla, and the Public Broadcasting Service. Complex database -driven websites like these need a web application framework – and that's exactly what Django does. Master Python Django and you can create web application, sites with e-commerce functionality, and much much more.

This course was created with intermediate Python users in mind, who want to move their expertise onto the web. If you're a beginner developer, you may find this course a little too far beyond your grasp unless you already have experience with another language, or have a working knowledge of Python and programming concepts.

Open a World of Possibilities with Django for Web

- Create a website from scratch using Django
- Learn Django from beginner through to fully functional levels
- Build authentication systems, map integration, web services and more
- Create web applications to solve a multitude of problems and needs

Course Objectives

1. Develop in the real world using Python Django
2. Create Django web applications to solve a multitude of problems or needs
3. Separate the presentation from the business logic
4. Build an online store to show off products
5. Accept user input in the form of reviews
6. Integrate with third-party payment services to process transactions
7. Use map integration to physically represent data


Course Introduction
Overview of the Final Project
Download Source Code
Download Asset
Section Introduction
Django Installation and Configuration
MVC Applied to Django and Git
Basic Views, Templates and URLs
Models, Databases, Migrations and the Django Admin
Section Recap
Section 2 Quiz 
Section Introduction
Setting Up A Simple User Authentication System
Login and Session Variables
Social Registration
Section Recap
Section 3 Quiz
Section Introduction
Template Language and Static Files
Twitter Bootstrap Integration
Static File Compression and Template Refactoring
Section Recap
Section 4 Quiz
Section Introduction
Preparing The Storefront
Adding a Shopping Cart
PayPal Integration
Section Recap
Section 5 Quiz
Stripe Integration with Ajax
Section Introduction
File Uploading
Working with Forms
Advanced Emailing
Section Recap
Section 6 Quiz
Adding a Map Representation with Geolocation
Advanced Map Usage
Section Recap
Section 7 Quiz
Section Introduction
Section Introduction
Building a Web Service with Tastypie
Django Signals
Section Recap
Section 8 Quiz
Section Introduction
Adding the Django Debug Toolbar
Unit Testing
Section Recap
Section 9 Quiz
Course Conclusion