Predictable Revenue Toolkit: For Business & Project Management

Predictable Revenue Toolkit: For Business & Project Management

Duration 12 hr 0 mins

Languages en_US

Course Description

Designed for sales leaders who need to create scalable revenue, a repeatable system, and to have a piece of mind knowing that the system they’ve put in place will do its job and will ultimately help triple sales!
Improve your sales strategy with our Predictable Revenue Toolkit.
- Triple your sales with the right system
- Understand Seeds, Nets and Spears to maximize your revenue
- Avoid common marketing failures with provided examples
- Learn how to tackle your sale and bring it to new heights

Course Objectives

1. Learn how to triple your sales
2. Understand why sales people shouldn't prospect
3. Learn the sales tools and technology needed for predictable revenue
4. Learn how to seed and generate word of mouth for lead generation
5. Generate customer success and growth
6. Understand the worth and value of lifetime customers
7. Develop a framework for inbound lead generation
8. Identify common marketing failures
9. Build the most important growth metric
10. Understanding Spears (outbound prospecting)
11. Develop and build an outbound team
12. Maintain an outbound team


Find out what’s required to crush your growth goals and create predictable sales
Understand why sales people shouldn’t do their own prospecting
Determine how you will use technology to support your sales initiatives
Understand the value of word-of-mouth lead generation
Learn the key drivers required to make customer success core to your revenue growth
Calculate the true customer value to your bottom line
Build your ability to implement the framework for growing great marketing leads
Learn what you should not do when conducting inbound marketing
Implement the most important growth metric within your sales team
Know why outbound prospecting is a must for any company wanting to increase sales
Learn how to hire, compensate and motivate your outbound team
Discover what’s required to onboard, assign territories and measure performance of team members