Improve with the Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit

Improve with the Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit

Duration 12 hr 0 mins

Languages en_US

Course Description

Individuals improve productivity by learning how to use writing as a powerful tool to get things done. Individuals will improve their on-the-job writing skills, including creating clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, memorandums, meeting minutes, procedures and technical reports.

Writing is the strongest way to communicate, so get it right!

- Learn the best ways writing styles for yourself
- Know how to create reports that get results
- Learn effective methods for each different form of communication
- Know the do's and don’ts when composing

This course qualifies for PMI Professional Development Units (PDU).

Course Objectives

1. Effective Business Communication
2. Separating Readersy' and Writers' Needs
3. Identifying Ineffective Writing Styles
4. Using the Reporting Process
5. Selecting the Best Writing Model
6. Write Effective Opening Paragraphs
7. Effective Middle and Closing Paragraphs
8. Forecasting Subject Lines
9. Most Common Business Writing Model
10. Writing Model for Reports and Documents
11. Writing Style and Tone
12. Effective Emails


Know and use the three components of effective business communication
Be able to separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs
Identify ineffective writing styles
Use the reporting process when creating written communications
Know how to select and use the best writing model for presenting your thoughts and ideas
Be able to write an effective opening paragraph
Write an effective middle and closing paragraph
Be able to write a concise and effective forecasting subject line
Know how to use the writing model required for about 80% of your writing
Use the writing model required for long documents, such as reports and manuals
Know how to use an effective writing style and tone
Assess the quality of your emails