Customer Service Basics: For Business & Project Management

Customer Service Basics: For Business & Project Management

Duration 7 hr 0 mins

Languages en_US

Course Description

Customer Service professionals is the front line of your organization. This course will help individuals build the skills required to deliver excellent customer service and build customer loyalty. Whether you are working as a CS professional or not, it's good to know the basics to be more effective in communicating with your customers.

Understand why Customer Service is critical in a world where the Customer may always be right.

- Learn to build rapport with your customers through listening and developing a focus on the customer
- Handling customer service requests over the phone, in the field or internally and managing confrontations and conflict
- Understand how important it is to have a strong front on your customer service
- Learn how you reach out to your customers and empathize with them

Course Objectives

1. Building Customer Rapport
2. Listening to Your Customers
3. Developing Your Customer Focus
4. Customer Service Over the Phone
5. Internal Customer Service
6. Serving Customers in the Field
7. Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict


Build your skills to perform essential customer rapport building actions
Learn how to effectively listen to your customers to meet their individual needs
Identify the actions you will take to strengthen customer loyalty
Implement the requirements to delivering great customer service over the phone
Create a plan for how you will deliver great customer service
Discover what is required to positively serve your customers in the field
Learn how to effectively manage difficult customer situations