Customer Service Management: For Business & Project Management

Customer Service Management: For Business & Project Management

Duration 8 hr 0 mins

Languages en_US

Course Description

Customer Service professionals is the front line of your organization. This course will help managers learn how manage, coach and inspire their customer service team to deliver high performing results. Whether you are working as a CS professional or not, it's good to know the basics to be more effective in communicating with your customers.

Understand why Customer Service is critical in a world where the Customer may always be right.

- Learn to shape the direction of customer service in your organization
- Inspire, motivate and give feedback to your agents, including coaching and analyzing customer service quality
- Understand how important it is to have a strong front on your customer service
- Learn how you reach out to your customers and empathize with them

Course Objectives

1. Shaping the Direction of Customer Service
2. Inspiring and Motivating Customer Service Agents
3. Giving Feedback to Your Customer Service Agents
4. Customer Service Coaching
5. Customer Service Quality
6. Customer Feedback and Insight
7. Onboarding New Customers


Determine what you will do to help direct the company’s customer service strategy
Learn how to inspire and motivate your customer service team
Customer Service agents receive feedback on their performance
Provide the right level of coaching to your customer service agents
Implement the key elements of quality service with your team
Find out from your customers what you and your team can do differently
Help new hires be successful in the first few weeks of their new role
Determine what is required to successfully manage a remote customer service team